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The many lies of Nig govt on massacre of IMN members



It is definitely clear to the world that members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have on several occasions played victims to unprovoked attacks by Nigerian government and her security agents.
Any time they feel like testing the capacity of their troops they clampdown on IMN member and kill as many as they wish even as they clearly and fearfully run for dear life when attacked by Boko Haram or Niger Delta militants.
They are more gallant and skilled when killing Shiites but when they are faced by militants elsewhere they run away. Yes, the Shiites are unarmed and made up of unsuspecting worshipers including women, children and the aged. They are a very soft target for murder and wanton killings.
They exploit some of the Shiites principles of not attacking people in the name of vengeance, not taking arms and not stating any form of violence. You can comfortably come-kill-and-go of them and nothing will happen because they don’t even have guns. If it were Boko Haram or Niger Delta militants the soldiers and police dare recklessly attack them like that.
The Nigerian government has made killing of Shiites a regular affair even as they just engage in killing them without any provocation and is known to everybody. But still, due cowardice and hypocrisy they invent and fabricate lies to justify the killings.
Yes cowardice, because if they are truly gallant they will say we just killed them so what? Nobody will raise an eyebrow because the world is watching and they know what you are doing is extra-judicial killing and are aware that you always fabricate lies to cover up for your crimes.
The government, military and police agencies know they are liars, they know that people know that what they are saying are lies and yet they continue to tell lies as if telling lies is always the condition for any attack they make.
Everyone could recall how the COAS went to the National Human Right Commission after murdering over 1000 IMN members in Zaria in 2015 to claim that he killed only seven. Even as people knew it was a lie nobody said anything. But when the Human Rights Watch and especially the Amnesty International preempted their crimes they were forced to reveal that they buried 347 in a mass grave at night to hide the crime. If what they are doing is in the interest of government, why do they have to fabricate lies and be making cover ups. They should simply come out and say we just killed them.
Even in Kaduna state during the Zaria massacre when Governor El-Rufai unveiled his hatred for IMN and its leader he said a lot of unsubstantiated things. He joined hands with the Nigerian Army to demolish properties of the IMN. When it appeared to him that the documents of the properties were intact he had to lie to convince the public why he did it. He said he demolished them because they would cause an environmental threat to residences of the affected areas because of the way the soldiers shattered the places.
They were horrific and served as evidences of using excessive strength on civilians by the Nigerian Army that is doing all possible to hide its crimes and pretend they did not happen. He demolished them all. These claims of his can serve for Hussainiyya, Darur Rahma and the residence of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. But he also demolished the Fudiyya Islamic Center at Danmagaji and the tomb of Sheikh Zakzaky’s mother in Zaria city that were not targets of Army attacks. This proved that it was an agenda. In hhis own case there are just too many lies.
The Amnesty International in its report said the Army cordoned off the places they attacked and washed off blood stains and picked up bombs and bullet shells to hide the crime.
They lie so much in such a way that they didn’t even have to coordinate the lies and what every one of them says will contradict what the other will say.
Just imagine the contradictions between what the IG of Police said and what the Kano state police commissioner said on the mass killing of IMN Arbaeen trekkers in Kano. The CP is saying that the IMN members harassed people, broke car windscreens and seized a gun from a policeman to kill a policeman.
He never showed any car they smashed or the harassed members of the public injured by IMN. What happened took place in broad daylight and people saw a mobile policeman killed a policeman. Nobody would tell whether it was deliberate or by mistake but here he is framing the IMN. Just imagine policemen shooting and then somebody walks up to them seized a gun from one of them and killed just a policeman. Does this make sense? A very foolish lie indeed. The policeman killed was by a friendly bullet and everyone saw it.
On the other hand the IG in his own public statement claimed that the IMN was armed to the teeth and was planning to take over the highway. He never waited to study what it will look like when he fabricated that. There are thousands of still pictures and videos of the entire incident from take-off of the symbolic trek to the brutal attack by police which are now on Youtube and other social media.
No single person could be sighted in those pictures and videos carrying any type of weapon whatsoever. The trekkers assembled in broad daylight in the presence of the public and commenced their trek along the side walk. Traffic was flowing and everyone was doing his business. In fact the trek had gone far peacefully until the police came attacking. Onlookers were surprised as to what was happening because there was no reason or any provocation for any attack. No single person was carrying anything apart from Free Zakzaky posters and flags of Imam Hussain AS. Now that the IG says “IMN members were armed to the teeth”, what does he think those that saw what happened among members of the public will take him for? A shameless liar of course, this is the danger.
I know the Vice President only naturally responded based on the lies he was also told to further help propagate. He said that the IMN members attacked and killed a policeman and the police have to defend themselves whereas nothing of such happened. This he might not understand is only appending his signature to the unprovoked killing of innocent Nigerians.
To even add salt to injury, they have abducted about 87 IMN members most of them with bullet injuries and dumped them at the Kano police headquarters torturing them to accept that they were armed when they were arrested. The bad thing about doing evil is that it tortures you and leaves you restless especially when you kill human beings with no justifiable reason.
There are close to a hundred dead bodies with them and are probably considering giving most of them a mass burial to adjust their lies that only a few were killed. Hence they have refused to hand over the dead bodies. They earlier deposited some of them at the morgue in Murtala Hospital Kano and later went and took them away. They are now keeping dead bodies and the injured with them.
Wonderful, this is how democratic Buhari’s APC government is, murder, lies, cowardice, hypocrisy, tyranny, deception, mischief….
Lastly, assuming the IMN members actually block roads, the job of the police is not to kill them for that and also not to also stop them from their worship activities but to make sure they do it by the side walk and not on the road. This is the job of the police if at all they care to do it. One is left to wonder what provoked the incessant killings of innocent human beings for the crime of walking on a public road.
Anyway, the life loss is not going for nothing because the IMN is gaining more and more sympathy, support and strength. More and more people are now opting for the IMN thanks to the government tyranny. More and more people now understand that the government is unfolding a sponsored project from its masters abroad to kill IMN members in the name of killing Shiites. It exposes the weakness of the government that is working just like a puppet. Where is Nigeria heading to? Killing, killing, killing, blood, blood, blood until they get drowned by the blood they spill, that is the path of the Buhari-led Wahhabi/APC government.



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