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Terrorists Violate Ceasefire Agreement in Southern Syria



Terrorists violated the newly-extended 48-hour ceasefire in Southern Syria after firing rockets and mortar shells at the Syrian Army’s positions on Friday.

“Armed groups violated the truce this morning when they fired shells and rockets at our forces North of Al-Asfar and Tal Salman in rural Sweida,” an army officer reported.

The Syrian Army has yet to respond to this violation, he said.

The 48 hour ceasefire in southern Syria came in effect last night; it is meant to last until 11:59 P.M. (Damascus Time) on July 8th.

The Syrian Army announced in a statement on Monday that a ceasefire was declared by the Syrian government forces in the Southern part of the country until Thursday.

The General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces in a statement declared cessation of hostilities in the Southern parts of the country in the provinces of Dara’a, Quneitra and Sweida from 12 o’clock midday on 2-7-2017 until 00:00 on 6-7-2017 within the framework of the national reconciliation.

The ceasefire was extended until Saturday.

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