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Terrorists in Panic as Countdown Starts for Syrian Army’s Operation in Aleppo



Syrian Army troops and popular forces are about to start a massive operation to drive terrorists out of the Eastern districts of Aleppo city, pushing militants’ front in the city into deep fear of losing the final battle.

The Syrian government forces’ siege of Eastern Aleppo and rapid advances of the army soldiers against the militants in the Southwestern parts of the city that came after terrorists’ defeats and thousands of casualties in their ‘Great Epic Operation’ have caused Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in Eastern Aleppo to have no hope for defending their positions against the pro-government forces.

With the liberation of Housing Project 1070 and al-Hikmah School, al-Rashedeen neighborhood that is one of the most important gathering centers of the terrorists in Southwestern Aleppo has fallen into the hands of the Syrian Army in military terms and is now under the direct fire of the government forces. Army soldiers are now trying to impose full control over al-Rashedeen.

Terrorists, who carried out the Great Epic Operation and Abu Omar Saraqib Offensives to remove the army siege on the militant-held districts in the Eastern part of Aleppo city lost thousands of their fighters in battles of Zahiyeh al-Assad, Jam’iyat al-Zahra, Menyan and Assad Military-Engineering Academy followed by tough infightings among militant groups over their heavy defeats.

Damascus gave 24 hours to the terrorists in Eastern Aleppo to leave these districts and warned them that the end of the deadline will be the start of the army attacks on their defense lines.

“Continued defeats of the militants in different fronts have made them in Aleppo hopeless and depressed. The militants live in fear of the army’s rapid advances in the Southern part of Aleppo and a number of them have fled to far regions in the South,” a source close to the dissident groups said.

As thousands of army’s Tiger Forces and Desert Hawks have entered Aleppo in recent weeks, Syrian government forces have increased their operations in Aleppo and started a march towards the towns of al-Zerbeh, al-Eis and Khan Touman.

Deployment of the Russian Navy off the coasts of the Russian and Syrian fighter jets’ 24-hour combat flights over the roads from Hama and Idlib provinces to Aleppo to prevent transfer of fresh fighters and military equipment to terrorists’ position in Aleppo, have given the Damascus forces upper hand.

Thousands of militants, who had already entered Aleppo from Idlib have been killed in different battlefields in Southern and Southwestern Aleppo in recent weeks.

A field source in Aleppo Operations Room said on Tuesday that the Syrian Army will not give any other chance to Jeish al-Fatah terrorists and will start its final operation against militants’ positions in the Eastern part of Aleppo soon.

“Terrorist groups have refuted the entire terms of the ceasefire to pull back their forces from the Eastern Neighborhoods of Aleppo to maintain security of civilians. The militants are still using civilians as human shield and do not allow them to leave the Eastern parts of the city,” the source said.

The 24-hour ultimatum of the Syrian army to the terrorists ended last night (Monday night), so the army’s operation will soon start. Reconnaissance planes have carried out tens of flights over the city and its countryside and specified the targets,” the source added.

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