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Terrorists in Daraa almost besieged as Army advances in west countryside

The course of battles in southwest Syria has taken a deadly turn for rebel fighters who have become almost entirely encircled in Daraa city as the Syrian forces began advancing westward.

With the eastern countryside has been almost completely recaptured, the Syrian Army is shifting focus to the western countryside; with the ultimate objective to reclaim all rebel-held areas all the way to the Occupied Golan Heights.

According to sources, the SAA’s elite Tiger Forces are supposed to spearhead the west Daraa offensive after ousting rebels from the Nassib border crossing and fully securing the Damacsus-Amman highway.

Meanwhile, the battle-hardened troops of the 4th Armored Division scored yet another advance in west Daraa city by capturing the Air Defense Base located just a few kilometers west of the provincial capital, thus breaking through the rebels’ defense lines.

The recent advance proved disastrous for militants whose all supply routes to Daraa from north and north-west have been cut off.

In the same context, the government forces have established full control over two hilltops overlooking the insurgent-controlled Daraa al-Balad and Refugee Camp.

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