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Terrorists Defy Al-Mouk Operations Room, Ready to Surrender to Syrian Army



The al-Mouk Operations Room (which operates under the Saudi, Qatari, the US and Jordanian spy agencies) has paid Ahrar al-Sham and Fatah al-Sham Front $40mln to launch a massive attack on al-Ba’ath city in the center of Quneitra province but internal disputes on how to distribute the money have blocked the operations.

This is while the al-Mouk Operations Room has threatened to cut its financial aid if the terrorists fail to work out a coordinated approach for operations in Southern Syria.

The Al-Mouk Operations Room is strongly willing to hit a blow at the Syrian government in the Southwestern front so that security will be maintained in the bordering areas between Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan heights.

Sources said that at present clashes between the ISIL and Jeish al-Khaild Ibn Walid terrorists in Southern Syria have set a top priority for Ahrar al-Sham and al-Nusra Front terrorists in the battlefield and despite the fact that these attacks are launched under the coordinations done by al-Mouk Operations Room, the latter still wants the militants to focus attacks on the Syrian army and opening new fronts to decrease pressure on the terrorists operating in Northern Syria (Aleppo).

This is while the al-Mouk Operations Room has been accused of corruption, similar reports in a number of other Arab media outlets have cited that the militants have decided to surrender to the Syrian army after documents came out to prove the financial corruption of the Operations Room members.

The armed opposition groups in Syria declared on Saturday that thousands of militants in the Southern parts of the country are willing to reconcile with the Damascus government.

A provincial council affiliated to the militant groups in a statement admitted that 25,000 militants are looking for reconciliation with the Syrian government forces in Southern Syria, al-Mayadeen TV channel reported.

The statement by the ‘Council for Men of Knowledge in the Levant’ has accused the terrorist commanders willing to compromise with the Syrian army of treason.

It has given the militant commanders in Southern Syria three days to withdraw from al-Mouk Operations Room, the television added.

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