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Terrorists Agree to Surrender Entire Quneitra to Syrian Army

The terrorists have agreed to deliver control of all villages and towns of Quneitra province after the army made major achievements in military operations in Dara’a and Quneitra provinces.

The Arabic website of SANA news agency reported on Thursday that the terrorist groups in Quneitra have reached an agreement with the Syrian army to grant amnesty to those who surrender and allow others to leave the region for Idlib.

It added that based on the agreement, the Syrian army will be deployed in regions that it lost in 2011 once again.

Sources affiliated to the dissidents also reported that the terrorists in Quneitra have reached the agreement with the army through Russian mediation.

The Syrian army’s full control over the strategic regions in Quneitra and the extensive support of residents of these regions for the army started after the terrorists’ defense lines in Dara’a and parts of Quneitra collapsed completely.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, the Syrian government forces continued their advances against terrorists in Northwestern Dara’a, and were reportedly preparing for an assault to drive terrorists out of Quneitra’s border region with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The army soldiers, under cover by artillery and missile fire, stormed terrorists in Northwestern Dara’a and managed to capture the town of al-Mall and its surrounding strategic hills.

Also, other units of the army engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorists and freed the village of Aqraba and Tal al-Mahis region South of the town of Namer.

Field source, meantime, said that the army has thus far liberated a large part of terrorist-held regions in the Death Triangle in Dara’a province.

They went on to say that the army soldiers are about to impose full control over the Northwestern part of Dara’a province, adding that the army is readying to push terrorists back from the borderline with the Golan Heights held by the terrorists.

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