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Terrorist israel deploys missile batteries near Lebanon, Syria: Reports

Israel has reportedly deployed batteries of missile interceptors near the borders with Lebanon and Syria as the regime braces for possible retaliation by Hezbollah over a recent deadly Israeli attack on members of the Lebanese resistance movement in Syria.

The Arabic language news channel Sky News said Monday that the Israeli army moved the so-called Iron Dome batteries in the north and raised the alert level in northern military posts.

The Israeli military has not yet commented on the new deployments.

This came after Hezbollah said that six resistance fighters lost their lives in a new Israeli airstrike on the southwestern strategic Syrian city of Quneitra.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Hezbollah said 25-year-old Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of late Hezbollah top commander Imad Mughniyeh, and five other fighters lost their lives in the fresh Israeli aerial assault against Syria. They were reportedly on a field reconnaissance mission in Quneitra when an Israeli military helicopter targeted their vehicle.

A source close to Lebanon’s Hezbollah said Monday that the movement’s response to Israel’s deadly attack on members of the resistance would be “painful.”

“The attack against six Hezbollah members will have a painful and unexpected response, but it can be assumed that it will be controlled to prevent an all-out war,” the sources told the Lebanese As-Safir Arabic political daily.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) also confirmed the killing of one of its generals in the airstrike.

Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Allahdadi had traveled to Syria to provide consultation and help the Syrian government and nation counter the Takfiri and Salafi terrorists in the war-stricken country.

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