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Terrorist forces surrender heavy weapons to Syrian Army in Daraa city

The rebel forces surrendered more weapons to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Daraa city this week after they agreed to handover their areas in the provincial capital.

According to a military report, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) handed over a large quantity of weapons to the Syrian Arab Army in the Daraa Al-Balad District this week, as they complete the tasks necessary for reconciliation with the governmet.

The report added that the rebels surrender a wide-variety of weapons, including at least three tanks, two BMP-1 vehicles, and a dozen hellfire cannons.

Since the Free Syrian Army agreed to surrender their districts in Daraa city, many of the rebel fighters have switched their allegiance to the Syrian government in order police the neighborhoods around their homes.

The reconciled rebels were allowed to keep their small arms, as long they were willing to agree not to fight the government forces again.

These deals have proven effective for the Syrian government in the past, as it allows for them to retain control over the rebel-held areas, while also avoiding any intense confrontations.

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