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Terrorist Commanders in Row as Syrian Army Marches in South

Rifts are widening among terrorist groups’ commanders as the Syrian Army inched closer to Nasib passageway at the border with Jordan in Southern Dara’a on Sunday.

The terrorist commanders, deployed in Dara’a province, accused each other of betrayal after the army men kept rolling on militant centers in different flanks in the Southern province of Dara’a.

The commanders are accusing each others of fleeing battlefield, handing over their region to the army and lack of control over operation rooms.

In the meantime, local sources said that terrorist front is on the verge of full collapse following the current differences among militants, adding that the terrorists are unable to continue the battle due to chaos.

Meanwhile, media activists have embarked on releasing an audio file of Abu Omar al-Zaroub, one of the commanders of terrorists in Dara’a, as he poses life threats to those militants that intend to end battle with the army.

The army has been advancing in different flanks in Dara’a, inching closer to key Nasib border-crossing at Jordan borderline.

The Arabic-language al-Alam al-Harbi war media reported on Friday that the government troops imposed control over al-Harak city and al-Thawra town in Dara’a province.

Also, the Arabic-language Moraseloun website reported that the Syrian army won control of the town of Alma North of al-Hirak city together with the Syrian Air Force Battalion Base West of al-Hirak after clashes with terrorists East of Dara’a province.

The Syrian army was reinforcing its military positions in liberated areas after making the recent advances.

The government troops had also managed to liberate and purge terrorists from Eastern Meliha, Western Meliha, Naheteh and Sama al-Nahidat on Thursday morning.

With Al-Hirak and Alma under their control, the Syrian Army swept through several more areas, including the large hilltop of Talat Al-Sakar, Battalion 279 Base, and the small town of Al-Sourah.

The capture of Al-Hirak also brings the Syrian Army much closer to sealing the provincial border of Sweida province.

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