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Terrorist civil war rages as rival factions attack each other in East Ghouta



For the fourth day in a row, the terrorist infighting has plagued the East Ghouta region of east Damascus, as rival actions trade attacks in the Al-Asha’ri Farms.

Militants from Faylaq Al-Rahman and Al-Qaeda linked Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham launched a powerful attack on Jaysh Al-Islam’s positions in the Al-Asha’ri Farms this morning, resulting in a violent battle for control of this rural area.

While no ground has been reportedly captured these past four days, the two sides have mistakenly paved the way for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to advance in the east Damascus suburbs.

Jaysh Al-Islam has repeatedly called on Faylaq Al-Rahman to expel HTS from the area; however, the latter refuses to adhere to any of their former ally’s demands.

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