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Terrorist attacks with gas cylinder bombs cause civilian injuries in Daraa

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A number of civilians were injured in terrorist bomb attacks that hit three residential neighborhoods in the city of Daraa. According to a source in the southern province, terrorists fired 11 bombs, made from gas cylinders packed with explosives, from their dens in the neighborhoods of al-Arbaeen, Daraa al-Balad and al-Naziheen in the city.
The attacks, the source told SANA reporter, also caused material damage to the citizens’ properties and the Bakery in one of the targeted areas. The source confirmed to SANA that units of the Army and the Armed Forces later fully destroyed 6 of the dens from which the terrorists launched the bombs.
Earlier, two mortar shells fired by terrorists caused material damage in the surrounding of al-Najma square and al-Abed St. in Damascus. A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that a mortar round fell at the roof of a residential building in the surrounding of al-Najma square while another shell landed on a residential building near al-Rayyan restaurant causing material damage. No human causalities were reported. Last Monday, three civilians were injured in Harasta Suburb in three mortar shells fired by terrorists. Material damage in a number of shops and cars was reported.

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