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Tens of Families Flee US-Occupied Camp in Syria’s Al-Tanf

Tens of families who have been taken hostage by the occupying US forces and their affiliated militants in al-Rukban in al-Tanf region escaped from the camp.

The Arabic-language service of SANA news agency reported that the Syrian refugees have left al-Rukban camp for Jaliqam corridor in Badiyeh (desert areas) of Syria in the Eastern parts of Zaza region in Eastern Homs to be transferred to their hometowns which have been liberated from the terrorists’ occupation by the Syrian army.

It added that tens of children and women need urgent medical care given the hard conditions in al-Rukban camp.

The families who have escaped al-Rukban have confirmed lack of food and hygiene possibilities in the camp, adding that the US-backed terrorists keep people hungry and prevent their evacuation.

Hundreds of people fled and a number of others have so far been killed in the ill-famed Rukban refugee camp in al-Tanf region of Homs which has been occupied by the US and its affiliated militants at the borders with Iraq.

The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted special sources as saying last Monday that the situation in Rukban camp had become more critical as residents face shortage of hygiene possibilities and food in the region.

They added that the US-backed militants had hoarded the foodstuff and other needs of the people in the camp, lamenting that a newborn child has recently been killed there.

According to the report, 150 residents of Rukban had managed to escape in the past week while the number of those leaving the camp since February has increased to 700 people.

Based on media reports, the US troops occupying a 55-km zone in Southern Syria block Russian and Syrian diplomatic and military officials from entering Rukban to provide people with humanitarian aid.

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