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Takfiri Terrorists Lose Ground in Idlib, Hama

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The Syrian Army launched several deadly attacks on targets of armed groups in nearby areas of Idlib and Hama provinces, claiming the lives of scores of Takfiri militants.
The army soldiers stormed the hideouts of the rebels in the areas of al-Hbeit, Abu al-Duhour, Saraqeb, Taftanaz, al-Bara, Shahranaz, Maaret Harmeh and Hzano in the countryside of Idlib, leaving a large number of them dead and injured.

Also, the militants suffered heavy toll in the areas of Qleib al-Thour, Jurouh, Eqeirbat, al-Khdeira, Kafarzita and al-Latamneh, as the army gained ground in Hama province.

The Syrian Army and government have defended their country against insurgents since 2011 when a huge number of foreign terrorists flocked to the Middle-Eastern country.

In spite of certain western states’ military and financial supports for militants, the Syrian troops have been able to push them back from many areas across the country, and based on military observers the fall of militancy in Syria is not far.

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