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Syria’s town of Ma’loula celebrates first anniv. of liberation

The roads to the ancient town of Ma’loula can tell you many stories about the few months which Nusra Front terrorists took over the town before they were eventually driven out by the Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters.Fadel, an old resident of Ma’loula is guided us through the town. He told us about the hard days when the militants were killing people and destroying over two-thousand years of history.

Militants never hesitated about targeting and destroying Ma’loula’s religious symbols such mosques and churches.
The vast destruction didn’t prevent people of returning while the extremist militants were forced to flee or were killed by Syrian government troops.

A year on, today Ma’loula is celebrating the first anniversary of its liberation. Prayers were held for martyrs, those who went missing and for the safety of the bishops who were kidnapped in Aleppo. The residents and the town’s bishop planted trees in memory of all martyrs.

A year has passed since Ma’loula was liberated by Syrian Army and Hezbollah fighters. The town’s residents still remember those grim days and the atrocities committed by the extremist militants. However, they have remained faithful. They hope to see the return of their loved one who were kidnapped, at the end of war on Syria.

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