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Syria’s resistance to go down in history: Iranian envoy

When Aleppo was cleared of terrorism, it was not just a victory for the city, it was a pride for the Muslims, Iran’s ambassador to Syria said in the country’s northern city of Aleppo on Wednesday.

‘Syria’s victory began when the president of the country made a big decision to stand against conspiracies,’ Javad Torkabadi said.

Bashar al-Assad’s act of bravery gave rise to the victory, and the resistance will go down in history, Torkabadi said.

He went on to say, ‘The victory in Aleppo resulted from resistance and we celebrate the failure of the Zionist conspiracy to break down Syria.’

Speaking at the International Conference on Resistance against the Normalization of Relations with the Zionist Regime held in Syria’s Aleppo, the Iranian envoy also said Palestine is the issue of the Islamic Ummah and all the freedom seekers, and any plan which ignores the nations’ rights is doomed to failure.

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