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Syria’s angel Sham al-Bakour upon arrival at Damascus : “I dedicate my victory to the homeland ”

Damascus, SANA-Syrian child prodigy Sham Al-Bakour, the champion of the sixth edition of the Arab Reading Challenge, arrived Friday evening at Damascus International Airport.

On Thursday, the 7-year-old Syrian girl, al-Bakour, won the title of champion of the Arab Reading Challenge held by the United Arab Emirates in its 6th edition in which Syria participated for the first time.

Al-Bakour, competed for the title with 18 other participants, representing 19 Arab countries.

“I am glad as I raised the flag of my country, Syria, high. I dedicate my success to the homeland and its leader, President Bashar al-Assad, along with my family.” al-Bakour, said in a statement to reporters upon her arrival at Damascus International airport.

“Congratulations to us all in Syria. In her first participation, my daughter, sham, raised the Syrian flag very high and this is a tremendous pride for Syria.” Sham’s great mother said.


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