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Syrians value martyrdom as a bridge to victory

Al-Baath Forum for Dialogue was held Saturday in Damascus, focusing on the great importance the Syrians give to martyrdom and the martyrs.
The participants in the Forum said they highly value martyrdom, affirming that it is “a bridge to victory”.
Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi stressed that Syria was among the first countries to attach great weight and value to the role of martyrdom in the society.
“Was it not for the martyrs, life in Syria wouldn’t have continued,” he said, hailing especially the invaluable sacrifices made by Syria’s martyrs, both civilians and from the military, throughout the four-year-long terrorism-triggered
Syria, he said, has a reputation for helping and looking after the martyrs’ families, stressing however that no matter how much care and giving is offered, it is never worth the greatness of the sacrifices made by those families’ sons.
Al-Zoubi made it clear that the values of martyrdom and love for homeland are deeply entrenched in the Syrian society, otherwise the “martyrs who fell since the very start of the crisis till today wouldn’t have been martyred while being positioned on the frontlines of their homeland’s defense.”
This stress on the firmly-established education of martyrdom was echoed by Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun, who affirmed that this education is an ideological one politically and socially.
Even religious education holds the issue of martyrdom in high regard, he added, calling for further consolidating the concept of martyrdom at schools and universities.
For her part, former Minister of Culture Lubaneh Mshaweh said “it is our duty as Syrians” to respect the cultural and social approach and background which led to those people sacrificing their lives for the sake for the homeland.
A way to do so, she said, is to work hard driven by our conscience to contribute to building the state, consolidating the sublime values in society and establishing the rule of law.

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