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Syrian students in Russia reiterate support to their homeland

20140228-193959_h530606 (1)Syrian students at the Russian universities and institutions reiterated their support to their homeland in confronting terrorism perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups, which are directly supported by Saudi Arabia regime, Qatar sheikhdom, Turkey, Washington and some western countries.
Meeting Syria’s Ambassador to Russia, Riyad Haddad at the Friendship University in Moscow, the students expressed their pride in the Syrian Arab Army which is defending the country against terrorists, who came from around the world to wreak havoc in Syria.
The students hailed the performance of the Syrian official delegation to Geneva 2 conference, who went to the conference with the directives of President Bashar al-Assad to meet the Syrian people’s aspirations in finding a solution to the crisis, preserving Syria’s territorial integrity and rejecting any foreign intervention in its internal affairs.
The students told SANA correspondent in Moscow that they appreciate the sacrifices of the Syrian army in confronting foreign-backed terrorism.
For his part, Syrian Ambassador to Russia, Riyad Haddad stressed that Syria’s enemies are not interested in finding real solution to the crisis, which is clearly evident in the bad intentions of “The Coalition delegation” to Geneva conference.
He added that the Coalition delegation’s members appeared as a toy in the US hands, that hired them to shed the Syrians’ blood.
Haddad pointed out that the representatives of the so-called “Opposition” rejected discussing any subject related to terrorism and respecting Syria’s unity and sovereignty.
Haddad affirmed that Syria is convinced that the comprehensive Syrian dialogue is the only way to come out of the crisis through rejecting violence in parallel with repelling the wahabi and Takfiri terrorism to which Syria is exposed.

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