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Syrian PM stresses importance of concerted efforts to hold terrorism sponsors to account

20140309-195635_h532172 (1)Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi said that the same terrorism is striking in Syria and Iraq, affirming that people in both countries have to stand united against it.
During his meeting Sunday with a delegation of the Iraqi Bar Association headed by Chief Lawyer of Najaf Mohammad Saleh al-Muhanna, al-Halqi said that the Arab nation is confronted by an existential threat to its history, culture and civilization ”unless its people defend it through enhancing pan-Arab thought.”
He underlined the role of the Arab intellectuals in fortifying the Arab society against the Wahabi thought, underlining the necessity of holding to account every state or individual that have backed terrorism in Syria and supplied them with funds and weapons, namely Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel.
Premier al-Halqi pointed to the Syrian people’s steadfastness in the face of challenges thanks to the victories of the Syrian army and the government’s procedures to bolster national economy, which go hand in hand with national reconciliations and dialogue.
He vowed that the Syrian people will hold to account those who have pillaged their resources and destroyed their economic capabilities, highlighting the importance of popular organizations and trade unions in defending the causes of the nation.
He expressed condemnation of the terrorist acts targeting Iraq, hoping that security and stability would soon be restored to this brotherly country.
He underlined the necessity of an Arab awakening to confront the schemes plotted against the Arab nation.
The delegation members affirmed that Syria has restored equilibrium to international relations, indicating that Syria and Iraq are faced with a common adversary.

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