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Syrian MP: Turkey’s Attack Aimed at Imposing Buffer Zone on Syria

A senior Syrian legislator underlined that Turkey’s recent aggression against the Syrian territory is part of a plot to create a buffer zone, specially in the Northern parts of Aleppo, to help the Takfiri terrorists.
“Turkey’s aggression against the Syrian territory is within the framework of joint efforts with Israel to create a buffer zone, specially in North of Aleppo, to delay the Syrian army’s operations and this shows Turkey’s clear support for the Takfiris,” Khalil Mashhadiyah told FNA on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Turkey mounted a military operation to allegedly extract about 40 soldiers who had been guarding the tomb of Suleyman Shah, grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire on a site internationally recognized as Syrian territory, while Ankara claims to have sovereignty over the site.

“The aggression proved the big collaboration of the two criminal regimes of Ankara and Tel Aviv with the Takfiri groups which is done at the demand of the western governments to annihilate Syria and implement the Zionist-US plots in the region,” Mashhadiya said.

He, meantime, underlined that the aggression will have no impact on the political process for finding a solution to the Syrian crisis, adding that the Syrian army will continue its fight against the Takfiri terrorists more powerfully than before.

Syria has warned Ankara that the operation was a violation of an agreement signed in 1921.

The Syrian government said that the Turkish incursion into Northern Syria was an act of “flagrant aggression” and that it would hold Ankara responsible for its repercussions.

In a statement read out on state TV, Syria said the Turkish government had informed the Syrian consulate in Istanbul about the operation, but had not waited for Syria’s agreement.

In relevant remarks on Sunday, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian deplored Turkey’s incursion into Northern Syria as an “unjustifiable action” complicating the situation in the crisis-hit country.

“The military operation of a neighboring country (Turkey) in Syria has no justification,” Amir Abdollahian told FNA.

“The military intervention of the neighboring countries in Syria will make the situation more complicated and it has no consequence other than making the region more insecure,” he added.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister further warned against an instrumental use of terrorist groups, stressing that making use of irresponsible armed groups was a vicious circle that strengthens terrorism and makes the regional countries insecure.

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