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Syrian minister: Awareness program on war leftovers’ risks in 3,000 schools

Awareness program on war leftovers’ risks in 3,000 schools

Education Minister Hazwan al-Wazz stressed the necessity of spreading awareness, particularly among children on the risks of the war leftovers.

“The awareness program on the risks of war which was launched by the Education Ministry will include 3,000 schools in all provinces, and it addresses children from 3 to 6 years old, in addition to school students from first grade to the baccalaureate grade,” Minister al-Wazz said at an awareness symposium on the risks of war leftovers held at Tayseer Sawan School in al-Mazzeh neighborhood in Damascus.

The minister pointed out that human casualties do not stop by the end of wars because ammunitions, explosives and land mines remain several years and constitute grave risk on the lives of the innocent people in their farms, houses and their way to work or school.

He called all peoples of the world and peace lovers to cooperate for planting amity and peace in Syria instead of grenades, mines and explosives stressing that Syrians have the right to live on their land in peace and security and human civilization is built only through dialogue and respecting one another.

Minister al-Wazz asserted the process of education will firmly continue in spite of sabotage and destruction the infrastructure has suffered from.

For his part, UNICEF resident representative Dr. Youssef Abdul-Jalil stressed that children in Syria under current circumstances are facing danger on a daily basis adding that war leftovers in several places will extend this danger for months or even years to come.

The Education Ministry is preparing, through an awareness program on the risks of war leftovers, to establish 41 workshops in Damascus and its countryside, Quneitra and Daraa provinces and the program will start to be implemented at schools by the beginning of next school year.

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