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Syrian in Last 24 Hours: Army Kills Key Terrorist Leader in Jobar

Syrian in Last 24 Hours Army Kills Key Terrorist Leader in Jobar

The Syrian security forces killed a key leader of the terrorist groups in the strategic town of Jobar in Damascus countryside.
The Syrian Army continued to tighten its grip over foreign-backed militants in the countryside of Damascus and Quneitra, leaving a large number of them killed and wounded in fresh operations.

A military source told the state news agency that the army targeted militants’ gatherings centers in several areas in Damascus countryside and inflicted heavy casualties upon the militants in Jobar, al-Mahatta, al-Oja, Hosh, al-Abbasiye, and Khan al-Sheih.

The army killed around 30 insurgents in several areas in al-Qalamoun Mount near the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

Non-Syrian rebels including Mut’eb al-Anzi from Saudi Arabia and Hussein Abu Zaid from Egypt were among the dead.

Army targeted rebels’ gathering centers in neighborhood in Zabadani city. Terrorists Khaled al-Kweifi, Othman Rahma and Aref Kharita were identified among the dead.

Meantime, the militants were faced with a series of surprise attacks in the towns of Nab’a al-Sakhr, Western al-Samadania, Majdoulia and al-Kina forest to the East of Majdoulia in Quneitra countryside where many of them were killed and wounded.

Army also thwarted an infiltration attempt from al-Kuna dam into the farms of Ain al-Basha and Wadi al-Riqad in Quneitra countryside and claimed the lives of scores of rebels.

Also in the last 24 hours, the al-Qaeda-affiliate, the al-Nusra Front claimed the responsibility for capturing 43 UN peacekeepers on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights while restricting 81 to their positions.

Also a Syrian source told FNA that the Syrian army forces killed a key leader of the terrorist groups in Jobar during their military operations codenamed ‘Malihah’.

Also on Sunday, the Syrian Arab Army stepped up an offensive on Saturday to capture Damascus satellite town of Jobar.

The army destroyed a tunnel network and took over several buildings which were previously controlled by anti-government forces.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group executed a Syrian university professor and member of the country’s parliament for what it claimed as his apostasy.

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