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Syrian Grand Mufti receives Islamic Human Rights award

Syrian Grand mufti receives World Islamic Human Rights Award from Iran ambassador to Damascus saying that the gift is in fact awarded to the oppressed Syrian people.

Sheikh Ahmad Badraddin Hassoun, senior Syrian mufti hailed Islam as the religion of affection and blessings calling the awards as a message for those who encourage people to massacre of other people under the name of Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Syrian scholar in a meeting with Iranian officials slammed terrorism, massacre of oppressed people in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other Islamic countries as a certain plot hatched by world Zionism.

Ahmad Badr el Din Hassoun called Islam as the religion of blessing and affection saying,” This award is a message to those who are clad in Islamic cloth while encourage others to kill people and destroy cities.”

He criticized satellite channels which encourage people to kill others under the name of Islam and said,” He who wears the cloak of religion should be an example of blessing for all same way that the prophet of Islam was.”

Syrian cleric called the award as an answer to anti-Islam invasions which try to picture the holy religion as a religion of terror, massacre and sword.

Referring to the World Islamic Human Rights Award as a proof for the failure of those who have spent the past 5 years struggling to project a horrible image from Syrian nation, government and political leaders and added,” Syria, in contrast with human rights organizations in Geneva, giving a cold shoulder to the killing of numerous refugees in the sea, knows the true meaning of human rights.”

Mohammadreza Raouf Sheibani, Iran’s ambassador to Syria, Mostafa Ranjbar Shirazi, Iran’s cultural attaché in Syria and Hujjat-ul-Islam Raeesizadeh, representative of Al Mustafa International University in a meeting presented the award and message from World Islamic Human Rights organization to top Syrian scholar, Sheikh Badr el Din Hassoun congratulating the religious leader on the occasion.

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