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Syrian Gov’t Forces Ready to Launch Fresh Anti-Terrorism Operation in Northern Aleppo


Syrian Army troops and their popular allies are getting ready to carry out a new phase of offensives in the Northern countryside of Aleppo to capture a key region to reinvigorate security of the newly-captured districts in the Northern part of the city, military sources said.
“The Syrian Armed Forces and popular forces have shifted their attention to the important village of Kafr Hamra, which sits on the Northwestern side of Aleppo city,” the sources said.

“The Syrian soldiers are preparing to strike Kafr Hamra from two different flanks,” they added.

Kafr Hamra was an important area used by the terrorist groups to launch mortar shells and hellfire cannons into the Western Aleppo neighborhoods; it will now be the primary area they will use to target the provincial capital.

Due to its proximity to the New Aleppo District and al-Zahra’a Association Quarter, Kafr Hamra will be one the Syrian Arab Army’s top priorities in the Aleppo Governorate

Also on Thursday, the Syrian army units and their popular allies seized full control of the strategic district of Bani Zeid in the Northern part of Aleppo city.

Immediately after the development, the engineering units of the Syrian army started demining operations in squares and streets of Bani Zeid.

Field sources reported that the terrorists in the region badly lost their morale and tens of them surrendered themselves and their weapons to the governmental forces.

Purging Bani Zeid and Youth Housing regions from the terrorists, the Syrian and resistance forces completed the siege on militants in the Eastern parts of Aleppo and their supply routes were fully cut.

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