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Syrian Gov’t Forces Approaching to Palmyra-Baghdad-Damascus Triangle



The Syrian Army troops and Resistance Forces that made fresh gains against ISIL in Southeastern Homs are inching closer to a strategic region called the Triangle of Palmyra-Baghdad-Damascus, local sources said on Friday.

The army forces that had started their operation from the two fronts of Homs-al-Bardah-al-Basireh and Palmyra-Khneifis managed to take control over Khneifis region after hours of non-stop battle, the sources said, adding that the units of the army along with the resistance forces that liberated al-Bardah region near the town of Quaryatayn and Khneifis are now on the verge of entering a strategic region between Homs, Damascus and border with Iraq called the Triangle of Palmyra-Baghdad-Damascus.

In relevant developments in the province on Thursday, the army won control over several other areas in Eastern Homs during military operations in the region.

The army units continued advance in Eastern Homs after stabilizing their positions in al-Bardah region in the Eastern parts of al-Quaryatayn and regained control of the village of al-Bardah.

They also liberated Zaqaqiyeh Khalil mountain, 6km of Eastern al-Bardah, after heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists.

Meantime, the Syrian soldiers retook military control of al-Basireh village, 8km of al-Bardah.

They killed tens of ISIL militants during the operations and clashes.

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