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Syrian government officially takes over several towns in north Homs following rebel evacuation


A number of towns and villages formerly held by rebel groups in north Homs and south Hama countryside have now become under the control of the Syrian government after concluding a surrender deal.

The Syrian security forces are now in charge of Izz Deen, Salim , Hamarat , Qunitrat , Hamees, and Hamemah in north Homs countryside. All militants who refused to reconcile with the government had already left with their families.

Police stations, government institutions and other state-run facilities will be functional and operational again after years of closure.

Meanwhile, a new batch of surrendered militants is expected to leave Talbisah and Hola region before the Syrian forces take over the entire area.

So far, at least 27000 people have been evacuated to the country’s north as per the agreement after handing over all their weapons.

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