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Syrian government forces kill 25 Daeshis in Homs



Syrian government forces have killed over 25 Daesh Takfiri terrorists in Syria’s western province of Homs.

According to a source in the Syrian military on Monday, the terrorists were killed during violent clashes with the army which also resulted in the destruction of a large amount of the militant arms and equipment.

The source also said that the military had carried out a precision attack on a gathering of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group leaders in the city of al-Rastan in the province’s northern countryside, killing and injuring several of the terrorists.

Elsewhere, Syrian forces destroyed a large number of Daesh vehicles in the Aleppo province and blocked several of the terrorist group’s supply routes in the city.

Earlier in the day, Syrian forces discovered the bodies of 21 civilians massacred in prisons previously run by Takfiri militants in Aleppo.

The bodies were found amid clean-up operations in the recently-liberated areas of the eastern city. Russian troops also found a number of mass graves that contained remains of bodies with signs of torture and mutilation at the hands of foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists.

Members of the Saint Elias Cathedral committee inspect the damage inside east Aleppo’s crumbling church, in the Old City, on December 21, 2016.


The military fully liberated Aleppo on December 22 in the final stage of a weeks-long push. The militants had been controlling the city’s eastern part since 2012, a year after foreign-backed militancy swept over the country.

As the terrorists were feeling the heat from army advances, they began using civilians as human shields to cripple Syrian troops in their operations.

Syrian government forces stand near destruction in the former militant-held Sukkari district in the northern city of Aleppo on December 23, 2016 after Syrian government forces retook control of the whole embattled city. 


Since March 2011, Syria has been gripped by militancy it blames on some Western states and their regional allies.

The Takfiri terrorists operating in the Arab country have suffered major setbacks over the past few months as the army has managed to liberate a number of areas from their grip.

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