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Syrian Deputy FM: Davutoglu’s sneaking into Syria is a violation of international law and countries’ sovereignty

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad stressed that the sneaking of the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu into the Syrian territories purportedly to visit the new site of tomb of Suleyman Shah near the Syrian-Turkish borders is a violation of the international law and of countries’ sovereignty.

Last February, Turkish forces, aided by terrorists from the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), have relocated the tomb in a Turkish military operation from Qara Qozaq on the Euphrates to the Syrian village of ” Ashma” which is sited 200 meters from the border with Turkey.

The tomb, which was originally located in an area controlled by ISIS, was spared the destruction done by the terror group to all mosques, churches and tombs in the area, which lends authenticity to charges that link the Turkish authorities to terrorist organizations in Syria.
Mikdad affirmed, in a phone call with al-Mayadeen TV Sunday night, that the Turkish government is completely involved in supporting terrorism and that the relations binding it with the terrorist organizations, on top of them “ISIS” and Jabhat al-Nusra, have become known to the whole world.

The Turkish flagrant transgression and attacks launched by the government of the Justice and Development Party against Syria’s sovereignty have become very clear, and what Davutoglu did is an act that violates the international law and the sovereignty of the countries, Mikdad said.

He indicated that this sneaking reflects the attempt of the government of the Justice and Development Party to cover the losses inflicted upon the terrorist organizations in different parts of Syria, whether in Jisr al-Shughour or in other areas, due to the heroic fighting of the Syrian Arab Army and the rapid collapse of those organizations which are backed by Turkey, adding that this act also proves Turkey’s full involvement in these events.

“A long time ago, we said that the story of Suleyman Shah tomb, which has been used as a pretext by the Turkish government, has become meaningless, and few months ago we sent a letter to the UN Security Council in which we said that if the Turkish government were truly keen on the historic value of the tomb, it would have moved it to the Turkish territories and it wouldn’t have left it in Syria, 200 meters away from the borders” Mikdad added.

Mikdad indicated that these exposed acts of the Turkish government show how much it is involved in violating the countries’ sovereignty and the international law, affirming that it will be held accountable for those acts.

He added ..the support provided by the government of the Justice and Development Party to terrorist organizations is an attempt to undermine Syria’s steadfastness, affirming that the Syrian Arab Army is fighting terrorism and will remain steadfast, and that the Turkish leadership will know that it couldn’t win or achieve any accomplishment on the Syrian territories because Syria is determined to preserve its sovereignty and to counter any interference in its internal affairs.

Mikdad pointed out that the Lebanese Army is working on combating terrorism inside the Lebanese territories to protect the Lebanese people and this is what the Lebanese resistance is doing, asserting that the Syrian Army is performing its role in countering terrorist organizations including Jabhat al-Nusra and others.

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