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Syrian Citizens Organize Rally in Qara, Damascus in Support of Army

syrians2Citizens in the town of Qara in Damascus Countryside staged a rally to mark the 67th anniversary of foundation of the BASP and in support of the Syrian army in confronting extremism, terrorism and the takfiri thought, expressing determination to build the renewable Syria.
The participants, hailing from the areas of Qara, al-Nabek, al-Sahl, al-Jarajir and al-Humaira, carried placards saluting the Syrian Arab Army and pledging to support it until victory is achieved.
They asserted that marches and rally reflect the sentiments and hopes of Syrians, and that the large numbers of people participating in them is a sign of victory against terrorism, adding that the people of Qara refused to allow terrorist to hijack it and make it part of the conspiracy against the country.
Damascus Countryside Governor Hussein Khallouf and party, religious and public figures participated in the rally, which also included artistic performances and speeches.

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