Syrian Army: We are capable of hurting the enemy, US and Russia know it

10628536_731814826854302_950357546884714028_n (1)They should know that it is never a matter of capability, it’s a matter of a decision. If the Syrian political command decided that we should down any enemy flying object, then we will not hesitate to do so.

We are defensively capable of hurting the enemy, the US knows it, the Russians know it, and most importantly our command knows it.

Someone is going to ask us then why didn’t we stop the Zionists from attacking targets inside Syria, nor retaliated, we say because war is not an impulse, and because our political command chose the strategic move of not getting involved in a war we can avoid. It was never because we were incapable, those who read history know that the 220th Air Defense brigade that was stationed in Damascus used to lock on Israeli jet’s as soon as they used to take off in 1983 war, and for those who don’t believe it, look for statements from the Soviet officers worked in Syria at that time.

Don’t ever think that you can stick a needle in the eye of the tiger and expect the tiger not to react.

If our political command see that we should take action, then we will not hesitate, we will take action, and we can hurt the enemy.

Please don’t ask us about any specific air defense availability.

Syrian Arab Army

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