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Syrian Army Using New Armored Vehicles in Anti-Terrorism Campaign



The Syrian army is using a type of updated armored vehicles in its fight against the terrorist groups.

According to the Arabic website of Sputnik news agency, the army is using the AMB-S vehicles made by Slovakia which has been manufactured based on the BMP-1 vehicle design and can carry two crews.

The vehicle’s speed is 63km/h and it is equipped with 23-mm caliber ZU-23-2 launchers.

The armored vehicle which was at first used for carrying ground troops can destroy enemy’s military equipment and bomb-laden cars and target enemy forces 1.5km away.

Earlier reports also said that the Syrian Army has been using T-90 Tanks equipped with Chitora-1 Noise System to protect its forces against terrorists’ guided missiles.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik news agency reported in August that Chetora-1 Noise System, mounted on T-90 tanks, enjoys an approximate Automatic Navigating System to protect the tank against guided missiles.

The Chitora-1 system jams laser guided systems of the anti-tank missile via giving them false signals, forcing the missile to divert.

Meantime, the Wistinik Mordafi website reported that Chitora-1 Noise System has been used in the Syria war for the first time in the Middle East.

A military source confirmed in mid-July that the army’s artillery units were using the long-range model of a new artillery system with an effective range 44km for targeting ISIL’s defense lines in Eastern Hama.

The source said that the army was using the M-46 long-rang moveable artillery that was stronger that the other models used by the Syrian army for targeting ISIL’s positions in Eastern Hama.

The 130mm caliber M-46 cannons can hit the targets from a 44km distance.

Russian media outlets reported in early July that the army was using an anti-drone electronic warfare system that might also be mounted on any type military vehicle.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily reported that the Syrian army’s anti-aircraft units were equipped with a new model of electronic cannon that could be used for jamming remote-controlled drones.

The daily added that the electronic system could be mounted on any military vehicle and jams the control waves of the drones.

The Russian paper also added that the new model of the electronic jamming system was equipped with a number of antennas.

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