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Syrian Army Units Shoot Down 2 Spy Drones of Terrorists in Aleppo



The Syrian army forces shot down 2 spy drones flown by the terrorist groups over government-controlled regions in Northern Aleppo, military sources confirmed on Wednesday.

The army troops continued their operations in Northern Aleppo to recapture the strategic town of Anadan and managed to target two surveillance drones of the terrorists in the village of al-Tamoureh.

Field sources in Northern Aleppo reported, meantime, that the army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorists in Jabal (mount) Anadan region, while terrorists’ positions in the town of Anadan came under heavy fire by the army’s artillery and missile units.

They added that the Russian fighter jets also carried out several combat sorties over terrorists’ strongholds in the village of Kafr Hamrah and Anadan, killing a number of militants.

A military source reported last week that the Syrian soldiers launched heavy attacks on terrorists’ positions in the Northwestern parts of Aleppo city near al-Yarmoun industrial halls, the Western parts of al-Zahra district and near the Family House region and Shuwaiheneh hills.

He underlined that if the Syrian army could retake control of Tal Shuwaiheneh hills, the Western parts of Aleppo province would be separated from its North and the terrorists’ supply routes from the towns in Northern Aleppo would be cut off. The army was busy to get ready for launching an assault to capture the town of Anadan in the same region.

The army units also targeted the terrorists’ positions in the Southern parts of al-Tamoureh in Northern Aleppo with missile and artillery fire, destroying one of the militants’ bases in Tal al-Ma’askar and killing and wounding several of them.

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