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Syrian Army Units, Allies Seize Back Control of Strategic Hills in Northeastern Aleppo



The Syrian army’s 102nd Brigade from the Republican Guard, backed by Liwaa al-Quds (Palestinian forces), retook full control of the strategic hills of Talat al-Bureij and Jabal al-Zafit in Northeastern Aleppo.

The 102nd Brigade and Liwaa al-Quds began their operations on Thursday morning by targeting Talat al-Bureij and Jabal al-Zafit from their positions at the nearby quarries which resulted in a fierce battle with the Harakat Nouriddeen al-Zinki, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and several other terrorist groups.

During the operations, the Syrian armed forces strengthened their positions near the Majbal and Manasher districts that gave them fire control over several buildings controlled by the militants.

According to a field source, the Syrian armed forces could also build a larger buffer-zone around the strategic Sheikh Najjar Industrial District, which is currently being rebuilt by the Syrian government.

Reports from Northeastern Aleppo said on Wednesday that the Syrian army soldiers and their allies continued to beat terrorists back from more lands South of the Palestinian Handarat Refugees Camp.

Syrian soldiers and popular forces made significant advances in Tal-e Seifan and power plant areas near al-Oweijeh region.

The terrorists suffered a heavy death toll and their military hardware sustained major damage in the attack.

Also, sources said on Tuesday that the Syrian army soldiers and popular forces had engaged in tough street battles with Jeish al-Fatah terrorist coalition in the Eastern, Southern and Southwestern districts of Aleppo city, gaining the upper-hand over the militants with the air support of the Syrian and Russian aircraft.

“Syrian government forces stormed Jeish al-Fatah’s positions in Housing Project 1070 near al-Hamdaniyeh district from different flanks to take back strategic positions there,” the source said.

“Russian fighter jets, for their part, pounded Jeish al-Fatah’s defense lines in project 1070 and Jam’iyat al-Mohandeseen neighborhood in the Western part of Aleppo city,” they added.

“The Syrian warplanes also bombed terrorists’ bases near the village of Qabtan al-Jabal in the Western countryside of Aleppo, destroying several vehicles of militants,” the sources went on to say.

“Jeish al-Fatah’s strongholds in the Southern districts of Aleppo in Sheikh Saeed also came under the Syrian air raids,” they said, adding that militants sustained at least 23 casualties in the assault.

“Syrian soldiers also clashed with Jeish al-Fatah in Suleiman al-Halabi in the Eastern part of Aleppo city and opened their way into one of the main buildings there,” the sources added.

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