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Syrian Army Starts Operations to Isolate Terrorists’ Stronghold in Eastern Qalamoun


The Syrian army initiated a fresh phase of operations to drive a wedge between terrorist bastions in Eastern Qalamoun region of Damascus after the latter didn’t accept to withdraw from al-Rahibeh.

The Syrian Air Force pounded the terrorists’ positions and roads in al-Batra mountain in Eastern Qalamoun on Thursday.

Meantime, the Syrian ground forces engaged in clashes with the terrorists in al-Kharnoubeh in East of al-Rahibeh region.

Field sources said that the army’s military operations have focused on al-Batra mountains which overlook al-Rahibeh and the adjacent areas, adding that the Syrian army intends to isolate al-Rahibeh from other nearby regions.

Meantime, reports said that a large number of residents of the towns and villages in Eastern Qalamoun have called for the Syrian army’s deployment in the region.

The Syrian army started operations in al-Rahibeh after Ahmad al-Abdu and Jeish al-Tahrir al-Sham terrorist groups rejected agreement with the government.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian Army and Air Force started to target terrorists’ positions in Eastern Qalamoun in the Northeastern part of Damascus province after militants refused to join the reconciliation agreement and opened fire at the government forces.

Jeish al-Islam announced in a statement that they have refused to join talks with the Russian forces over a ceasefire and reconciliation agreement in Eastern Qalamoun.

The terrorists further opened fire at the peace negotiating committee in Jayroud region in Eastern Qalamoun, injuring some of the committee members.

Also, the terrorists of Jeish Tahrir al-Sham and Ahmad Abdu terrorist groups stormed the army positions in al-Muhassa region.

Later, the army’s artillery and missile units pounded terrorists’ centers in Mount al-Batra in Eastern Qalamoun and regions near the town of al-Nasiriyeh.

In the meantime, the army aircraft launch heavy airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in al-Jabal region in Eastern Qalamoun.

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