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Syrian Army spy trolls jihadist rebels by releasing photo behind enemy lines


A spy from the Tiger Forces’ intelligence wing continued the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) campaign to troll the jihadist rebels in Idlib this week.

The Tiger Forces spy sent a photo to the group’s official media page on Sunday, showing that he was inside the jihadist-held Jabal Al-Zawiya region.

This move by the Tiger Forces comes just 24 hours after another one of their spies released video footage from behind jihadist lines in the Idlib countryside.

The Syrian Arab Army has been releasing these videos to mostly troll the jihadist rebels in the Idlib Governorate; they are showing that their spies are everywhere, as they make their final preparations to launch their offensive.

In response, opposition activists have accused the Syrian military of attempting to persuade locals to reconcile with them, adding that the latter will not launch any offensive.

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