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Syrian Army seizes tunnel in worker city of Adra


The Syrian army units continued Monday crackdown on terrorist groups through large-scale operations against their dens and hideouts in several provinces.
A military source said that an Army unit on seized a 500-meter long and 11-meter deep tunnel in the residential worker city of Adra in Damascus Countryside.
The tunnel expands from the Water Establishment to al-Baz Gas Station.
The source clarified that the tunnel equipped with ventilation and lighting was used by terrorists in their criminal acts against civilians.
Other army units eliminated and injured many terrorists and destroyed their equipment while targeting their hideouts in gatherings in Douma, the surroundings of al-Dukhaniye, and Ein Tarma.
In Aleppo and its countryside, Army units killed four terroristsand wounded othersby targeting their gatherings northSadcop in al-Ramousehareaand destroyed a car for them inHoijina.
A number ofcars, some equipped with heavy machine guns, were destroyed in Mayer, Wardian, Khanal-Assal, DeirHafer, norththermalstation, west al-Bab in Aleppoandits countryside.
Accordingtothe source, other army unitskilled and injured terrorists and destroyedtheir vehicles surrounding the castle, al-Husamiah, Kafr Naya, Qabtan al-Jabal, al-Hajeb, Banan al-Hos, Kafr Kar, Saif al-Dawlah and Sheikh Said in Aleppo and its countryside.
In Homs countryside, Army units eliminated terrorists who were trying to infiltrate from Um Sahrij village into al-Shumarieh mountains.
In the same context, Army units targeted terrorists’ dens, killing and wounding a number of them north-west Abu al-Dhour Airport in Idleb countryside and destroying four vehicles for them.
Scores of terrorists were killed and injured as the army targeted their gatherings and hideouts in al-Hamdiye, Bennesh, Maaret al-Numan, Deir sunbul, and Ehsem.
A source in Deir-Ezzor province told SANA that an army unit targeted gatherings of ISIS in al-Hweiqa neighborhood, killing many of them, injuring others and destroying eight vehicles with all militants inside, in addition to cutting off the supply lines from terrorists inside the city.
The source added that army units clashed with ISIS terrorists in al-Jbeila and Nazlet al-Rdisat neighborhoods in the city, killing many of them and injuring others.
Also in Deir Ezzor city, army units destroyed a number of tunnels which were being used by members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization to move around the city, eliminating the terrorists inside the tunnels along with their weapons and ammo.
Another army unit destroyed a hideout for ISIS terrorists in the town of al-Mayadeen in Deir Ezzor countryside, leaving the terrorists inside it dead or injured, while another unit eliminated 20 terrorists and injured others on Mohassan area in the countryside.
In the same context, units of the armed forces targeted terrorists’ gatherings on the Kherbet Ghazaleh–Daraa road in the countryside of the southern province of Daraa, killing and injuring many of them.
The army repelled tens of terrorists who were attempting to infiltrate into al-Mata’iye town in the countryside and killed many of them.
A military source told SANA reporter that army units killed and injured many terrorists while targeting their gatherings north of Qasr al-Bitar Farm, al-Th’eileh, in the surroundings of Atman and Um al-Mayaden towns, and al-Bajabejeh neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad.

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