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Syrian Army Restores Security to Triangle of Damascus-Baghdad-Jordan



The Syrian Army units continued their advances against terrorists in Syria’s Badiyeh (desert) in Eastern Homs and restored security to a vast region called the Triangle of Damascus-Baghdad- Jordan.

The army soldiers engaged in a tough battle with terrorists East of al-Saba’a Bayar region and seized control of the Zaza Triangle region.

The army men further advanced towards al-Mohadad hills and captured them.

A military source reported that the army’s control over al-Mohadad hills East of Zaza Triangle separated Eastern Homs from Eastern Damascus and also restored security to the Damascus-Baghdad-Jordan Triangle.

The terrorists lost a number of members in the battle.

Local sources revealed on Thursday that the army dispatched hundreds of its forces stationed in de-escalation zones to the Southern borders of the country near Jordan.

Local sources in Sweida reported that the Syrian government deployed its forces, stationed in the province, in regions near the Jordanian border after the recent moves by the US, British and Jordanian military men and terrorists.

Meantime, heavy clashes continued between the Syrian army forces and the terrorists in Zaza and al-Saba’a Bayar regions in the Southeastern Badiyeh (desert) of Homs near the borders with Jordan after a major offensive by the militants two days ago.

Army sources also said that the air force, artillery and missile units pounded the conflict zones.

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