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Syrian Army Raid Kills Zionist Officer While Meeting with Syria Militants in Golan

A Zionist officer was killed by a Syrian army raid two days ago, while he was meeting with terrorist militants of the so-called “Free Syrian army” in Golan, sources told al-Manar.

The sources said that the raid targeted an operations center for the “FSA” in al-Fetian town in Quneitra countryside, killing the officer who was identified as “Johni.”

Syrian helicopterAn “FSA” commander, Abu Osama al-Nuaimi , who is known for coordination between the militants and the Zionist entity, was also killed in the raid, the sources reported.

A Jordanian officer from the MOC Operations Center was in the meeting, the sources said, adding that his fate is still unknown.

According to the sources, the attendees of the meeting were planning to stage massive attack in Daraa countryside and Quneitra countryside.

The MOC Operations Center was established by the intelligence of some the so-called “friends of Syria,” spearheaded by the United States.

Source: Al Manar TV

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