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Syrian Army Preparing for Final Assault on Terrorists At Border with Jordan

The Syrian Army troops are preparing to kick off another phase of their major assault in Western and Southwestern Dara’a to purge terrorists from the country’s Southern border with Jordan.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik quoted Syrian military expert Colonel Ali Maqsoud as saying that the army plans to launch a major attack in Western and Southwestern Dara’a after government forces managed to liberate over 1,800 sq-km of land in Dara’a province in recent days.

The Eastern borders of Bravo Line that is a buffer region between the Syrian army and Israeli forces are in Western Dara’a.

The report went on to say that the army is planning to free Hawz Yarmouk, Hith, Tasil, Azwan, Nafe’eh, al-Shajara, al-Harra regions and the strategic town of Kafr Shams that links Southern Quneitra to Northwestern Dara’a in its upcoming operation.

Sputnik further said that 99 percent of the people in Dara’a, Sweida and Golan are calling for the expulsion of the terrorists from their regions, and quoted local sources as reporting that residents of the town of Nawa and Kafr Shams are expecting the army’s arrival and exit of militants any time soon.

On Sunday, the army men advanced against terrorists in the depth of militant-held regions and captured al-Zomayr Battalion Base in Eastern Dara’a.

Other units of the army managed to cut off terrorists’ supply lines between Eastern and Western Dara’a, gaining control over al-Zamitiyeh heights.

The army men deployed forces only 2km away from Jordan’s al-Ramtha border town, a field source reported.

The army men are inching closer to the terrorists’ stronghold towns of Seida and al-Na’eimeh in Eastern Dara’a, the sources added.

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