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Syrian Army liberates two villages south of strategic east Aleppo airport



The Syrian Army (SA) resumed their military operations in the eastern countryside of Aleppo today, striking the Islamic State (ISIS) forces south of the strategic Kuweires Military Airport.

Backed by heavy airstrikes, the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces stormed the village of Al-Zebbedeh, where they were confronted by a group of Islamic State terrorists.

A fierce battle would ensue between the two parties until the Syrian Arab Army overran the terrorist group’s defenses and imposed full control over the village of Al-Zebbedeh.

Following the liberation of Zebbedeh, the Syrian Arab Army would take control of Khassaf village and Khassaf Hill, killing and wounding at least a dozen Islamic militants in the process of this advance on Friday.

Recently, the Tiger Forces have concentrated on the territory directly south of the Kuweires Military Airport in order to secure the installation and encircle the Islamic State’s stronghold of Deir Hafer.

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