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Syrian Army Kills 14 Terrorists, Regains Control over Hosn Castle

vnew-ambushThe Syrian army regained control over al-HAmbushosn castle in the western countryside of Homs after it ambushed and killed Thursday 14 terrorists in the area, according to Al-Manar reporter.
The Syrian army then raised the national flag over the castle which used to be a stronghold for the militant groups.
A Syrian military source said that 11 terrorists were killed while they were fleeing into to Lebanon and that the Syrian army continues its campaign in the area and cordons al-Hosn castle by fire.
Another army unit killed many terrorists in Bisas village during an armed terrorist group’s infiltration attempt from al-Hosn town into the Lebanese territories.
General Command of the Syrian Army and armed forces said Thursday that units of the Syrian Arab army, in cooperation with the national defense hoisted flag of the Syrian Arab republic on al-Hossen citadel ( Krak de Chivalries ) and restored security and stability to al-Hossen town and its surroundings where terrorist gangs have taken as a gathering for collecting weapons and terrorists who were infiltrating through Lebanese borders.
“This great victory comes as completion to the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army in Talkalakh region in Homs western countryside to tighten closing of bordering regions with Lebanon and boost safety of international highway which connects the central and coastal areas as well as tightening the grip around the remaining terrorist cells in Homs,” A statement by the Army’s General command said.
It added the Army’s General command affirms that eliminating terrorist organizations in al-Hossen region comes as a direct outcome of the successive victories of the Syrian Army which led to a speedy collapse in the terrorist gangs’ morals and their leaders.
The Army Command reiterated pledge for more victories until security and stability would be restored to Homeland.
The Syrian Army also found during combing operations a workshop for manufacturing explosives, car bombs and Lebanese car plates in Ras al-Ain in Yabroud area in Damascus countryside.
An army unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists, killing or injuring many and destroying their machinegun-equipped vehicles in Aleppo province.
A military source told SANA that army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings in the old city in Aleppo, al-Sakhour, al-Jandoul roundabout, the industrial area, al-Jdeideh and al-Kastello, killing many terrorists and destroying their machinegun-equipped vehicles.
Army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings in the surrounding area of the central prison in Azzan, Kafar Hamra, Dahret Abed Rabbo, the surrounding area of Rasem al-Abboud, Kweiris, Fasin, Bab al-Nairab, al-Zubdyieh, al-Hmeimeh, Mare’, Tal Rafaat, al-Kastello, Babis, Bani Zed, Hreitan and Erbid.
A military source said that army units killed dozens of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in Ram Hamdan Maartamasrin, Kafar Yahmoul, Maarblit and Jidar Bekfaloun in Idleb countryside.
The source added that army units killed many terrorists and injured others during operations targeting their gatherings in Bennish, Saraqeb, to the northern west of Idleb city, Tal Ghazal, al-Mozara, Qastoun and al-Zyadieh.
Army units foiled attempts by terrorist groups to infiltrate a military post near Jannet al-Qura on Ariha-Lattakia road, killing a number of their members, including Khaled Fawaz Affareh.

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