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Syrian Army Inflicts Losses on Militants in Homs

Syrian army continued its mop-up operations against the foreign-backed militants in many areas across Homs, inflicting heavy losses on them.

The army targeted concentration centers of the Takfiri militants in the Northern countryside of Homs province, killing a number of terrorists.

Many terrorists were killed or injured in military operations in Habra al-Gharbiye, al-Sultaniye, Abu Hawadit, Rajm al-Qaser, Khatamlo, Salam Gharbi, and Beir Kafa farms in the Eastern countryside of Homs. Terrorists’ weapons and ammo were also destroyed in the operation.

The army also targeted hideouts and concentration centers of ISIL terrorists in the vicinity of al-Shaer field and Jazal village, leaving a number of the terrorists dead.

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