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Syrian Army, Hezbollah make progress near strategic town in East Ghouta


The Syrian Arab Army’s 105th Brigade, backed by Hezbollah, National Defense Forces (NDF), and Palestine Liberation Army (PLA), seized points in the Al-Bahariyah Farms on Monday, resulting in their subsequent advance towards the Mayda’a-Nashabiyah axis of the East Ghouta.

Much of the success experienced by the government units on Monday was due to their impressive missile strikes that killed several takfiri rebels, while also clearing a path for the Syrian Armed Forces to advance through. Meanwhile, to the west of Al-Bahariyah, the Syrian Arab Air Force targeted another Faylaq Al-Rahman meeting in the East Ghouta on Monday.

These Syrian airstrikes targeted the Faylaq Al-Rahman meeting at the contested village of Hazrama; however, there were no reports of any prominent jihadist killed.

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