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Syrian Army, Hezbollah launch big counter-offensive to drive ISIS back from key town



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a big counter-offensive against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), targeting the latter’s positions near the key desert town of Al-Sukhnah.

Backed by their allies from Hezbollah and Liwaa Fatemiyoun, the Syrian Army began the day by storming the ISIS-held areas along the Deir-Ezzor Highway.

According to a Syrian military source in nearby Palmyra, the Syrian Army managed to recapture some points from the Islamic State, but they have yet to recover all the ground they recently lost.

The source added that the Syrian Army recently sent a large number of reinforcements to this front in order to ensure the safety of Al-Sukhnah and to reopen the Deir Ezzor Highway.

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