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Syrian Army, Hezbollah kill many ISIS terrorists as they attempt to drive ISIS back near Sukhnah



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their allies continued their counter-offensive in the northeastern countryside of the Homs Governorate, today, targeting the so-called Islamic State’s (ISIS) positions near the key town of Al-Sukhnah.

Backed by Hezbollah and Liwaa Fatemiyoun (Iranian-Afghan paramilitary), the Syrian Army launched another big attack against ISIS east of Al-Sukhnah in a bid to retake the points they along the Deir Ezzor Highway.

According to a Syrian military source in Damascus, the Syrian Army and their allies were able to kill scores of ISIS militants, while also retaking several points that were lost to the terrorist group near Al-Sukhnah last week.

Despite the poor weather in the desert, the Russian attack choppers also joined the battle to deliver several strikes against the terrorists.

The Syrian military and their allies are still on the offensive at the moment; however, some forces may be redirected to southeast Homs, where ISIS is currently attempting to capture the strategic air defense base near Muhasah.

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