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Syrian Army foiled major terrorist offensive in Eastern Ghouta


Faylaq Al-Rahman terrorist group launched an offensive in the region south of Al-Mohammadiyah in the southern part of Eastern Ghouta.

After hours of intense clashes, Faylaq Al-Rahman jihadists were forced to withdraw from the Mohammadiyah farms and the village of Iftris amidst intense airstrikes that obstructed their supply lines to the frontlines of the clashes.

Notably, dozens of militants were killed and injured in the failed offensive code named “Wala Tahzano”, or “Do not be sad”.

The failure of this offensive by Faylaq and the previous offensives by Jaish Al-Islam is a significant testament that the rebel forces in Eastern Ghouta can no longer mount a successful attack against the government troops in the region amidst collapses on many different fronts in the aforementioned region.

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