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Syrian Army expands assault in east Aleppo to new axis

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has spread their assault in eastern Aleppo to a new axis after a successful attack on both the Sheikh Sa’eed and Sukkari districts.

According to military source in east Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army has begun an intense assault on the Bustan Al-Qasir, targeting this district’s northern perimeter with allies from the Desert Hawks Brigade.

Meanwhile, at Sheikh Sa’eed, the Syrian Arab Army has captured large chunks of this area, prompting some media activists to claim the entire district was captured; this was denied by the government sources.

Should Sheikh Sa’eed fall in the coming days to the Syrian Arab Army, then the remaining east Aleppo pocket will likely collapse due to the thin lines between the jihadist lines.t-90-in-aleppo-696x315

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