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Syrian Army Evacuated 150 Civilians in the East Ghouta

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On Thursday night in the Rif Dimashq Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) successfully evacuated 150 civilians living in the war-torn rural area of the East Ghouta after almost 3 years of suffering in this volatile place with limited supplies and shelter. The evacuated civilians were mostly women and children living inside the war-zone with no means of transportation.

Following their transportation from an undisclosed location outside the city of Douma, the civilians were examined by physicians and given assistance by government aid groups in the provincial capital. The civilians remained in good spirits throughout their journey; however, many of these people suffered for months due to poor diets and the absence of necessities that only added to their plight.

According to a media source in Damascus, 30 militants from the militant group “Jaysh Al-Islam” (Army of Islam) have surrendered themselves to Syrian Security Forces at a military checkpoint near the rebel-held city of Douma. Most of the identified militants were believed to be Syrian men seeking amnesty via the decree issued by President Bashar Al-Assad last year.

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