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Syrian Army Discovers Terrorists’ Tunnel Network in Southern Damascus


The Syrian Army troops uncovered one of the largest tunnels dug by terrorists in Syria in their mop-up operation inside the town of Hajar Al-Aswad, field sources reported on Friday.

The sources said that the tunnel was uncovered by the army men inside the Madaniyah district in Hajar al-Aswad region in the Southern part of Damascus province .

The tunnel is known as the “The Gate of the Two Ghoutas as it was built to link Eastern Ghouta to Western Ghouta.

The tunnel itself is nearly 1 km long and goes under the Damascus-Dara’a Highway.

Despite constructing most of the tunnel, they were never able to finish the project because they eventually lost Darayya and other West Ghouta towns.

In a similar development on Tuesday, the army discovered huge quantities of weapons and ammunition storage in the former rebel bastion town of Jobar, East of the capital.

The arms and ammunition were hidden underneath a building.

The discovered weapons – used by Faylaq al-Rahman terror group – include mortar shells, RPGs, assault rifles and explosive devices.

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