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Syrian Army Cuts off Terrorists’ Supply Lines in Aleppo Countryside

The Syrian army carried out massive operations against the Takfiri terrorists’ positions in the countryside of Aleppo, cutting off the militants’ supply lines in the region.
“The army’s operations were concentrated on Deir Hafer, Baqja, Blat, al-Salehiyeh, Rayyan, Jabboul, al-Sheikh Lutfi, Toloul al-Hatabat, al-Naam, al-Sabien and Ayyoub regions in the Eastern parts of Aleppo,” a military source said.

The source disclosed that a large number of Takfiri terrorists, most of them from the Al-Nusra Front, were killed.

The Syrian troops also destroyed the hideouts and DshK-equipped vehicles of the terrorists.

Meantime, other army units that were in charge of defending the Air Force Academy destroyed the ISIL hideouts, killing tens of terrorists and destroying their arms depot.

The clashes occurred on the international highway leading to the province of Raqqa.

The Syrian army also inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists in al-Mansoura village.

Earlier today, Syria’s Kurdish forces further tightened a week-long siege of the terrorists in the city of Aleppo.

The sources said that the Kurdish fighters in heavy clashes with Al-Nusra militants retook further districts in Aleppo after their full control over Sheikh Maqsud district on Monday.

The Takfiri terrorists are about to lose the remaining districts in Aleppo city every hour.

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